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Building Basic Ecclesial Communities

Pre-Requisites for Building Basic Ecclesial Communities

1. Building BECs as Pastoral Program of the Parish & Diocese

Why is it Necessary to be a Pastoral Program of the Diocese and Parish?

2. The BEC Formation Team

Role of the Parish Formation Team

"The Diocesan Formation Team may..."

3. Environmental Analysis


"Social Organization."



"History & Story of the..."

Strategic Planning

"The team will have to..."

Adopting a Strategic Framework


Approaches in building BECs

Initial Evangelization

Organizing BECs

Forming a Core Group/Nucleus

Function of the Core Group/Nucleus

The Early Shape of the BEC

Later Development of BEC

Sustainable Activities/Structures

Emergence & Training of Leaders

Emergence & Training of Leaders

Structure of Developed BEC

Parish Organizational Structure

Mobilizing BECs for Social Transformation

"The Evangelization and Organization of..."

BECs as part of Civil Society




Concluding Remarks